Symptoms of Dutch Disease in East Africa: Tanzania

  • Daniel Ngugi
Keywords: Dutch Disease, Natural Resources, Socio- Economic Development, East Africa





Recently, Tanzania had discovered Oil and gas among other natural resources that have been there  in  the  country.  These  are  some  of  the  important  resources  that  can  stimulate  the economy and boost the economic growth and development. There have been signs of over expectations that lead to rural urban migration and neglects of other important sectors to reap the oil and gas benefits therefore slowing growth at the initial stages of other sectors. Export revenues expected in the country from the oil and gas may lead to appreciation of Tanzanian currency thus negatively impacting to the other non-oil export commodities. This creates a negative overall impact to the economy and gives access to persistent poverty owing in mind that the sector only covers little portion of the labour force. It is at this juncture this paper uses secondary data and focuses on the likelihood impacts from oil and gas in Tanzania; and the findings enhances awareness and policy development that improves the socio-economic development in the region such as Kenya who is on the verge of discovering vast natural resources.

Author Biography

Daniel Ngugi
Department of Economics


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