The impact of new media technologies on Zambia’s 2016 presidential elections.


  • Daniel Tonga Freelance


The emergence of new media technologies has changed the way in which political communication takes place in Zambia. On 11thAugust 2016, Zambia held presidential, parliamentary and local government elections in which nine political parties massively used new media technologies to campaign before and during elections. The utilisation of new media technologies by political parties introduced a new way in political communication and had a great impact on how politics are conducted in Zambia. This study aims to assess the effectiveness of new media technologies in political campaigns during the time of elections. For the first time ever in the political history of Zambia, political parties used new media technologies massively in political campaigns to engage the electorate and this has brought a new facet in political communication which has now became beneficial to Zambian politics and culture. This paper examines how new media technologies influenced political campaigns in the presidential elections and how they have shaped modern day politics in Zambia.

Keywords: Elections, New Media, Campaign Strategies, Political Communication, Technologies, Voters,

Sep 8, 2017
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