International Journal of Business Social Science Studies and Research 2017-03-05T08:08:28+00:00 Dr Joseph M. Njoroge Open Journal Systems <p>International Journal of Business and Social Sciences Studies and Research (IJBSSSR) is an internationally refereed scholarly journal published online on monthly basis. IJBSSSR is an open-access and double blind peer reviewed journal. This journal publishes theoretical, empirical and experimental papers that significantly contribute to the disciplines of Economics and Management Sciences. Using a wide range of research methods including statistical analysis, analytical work, case studies, field research, book reviews, literature surveys, historical analysis and articles examining significant research questions from a broad range of perspectives in Business and Social Sciences body of knowledge are encouraged to be sent to IJBSSSR.</p> <p>We welcome articles on every topic that is in any sense related to Business Administration, Social Sciences and its various facets. The journal emphasizes the publication of work that engages with issues of major public interest and concern across the world, and highlights the implications of that work for policy and professional practice. The areas for Business includes Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Database Management Systems, Management Information Systems, Accounting and Finance, Costing, Business Law, Supply Chain Management, Auditing and Total Quality Management. It particularly welcomes articles on all aspects of international developments that contribute to the improvement of social science knowledge and to the setting of a policy-focused European research agenda. Examples of typical subject areas covered include: Policy-Making and Agenda-Setting; Multilevel Governance; The Role of Institutions Democracy and Civil Society; Social Structures and Integration; Sustainability and Ecological Modernization; Science, Research, Technology and Society; Scenarios and Strategic Planning; and Public Policy Analysis. European Journal of Social Sciences is interdisciplinary bringing together articles from a textual, philosophical, and social scientific background, as well as from cultural studies. The journal provides a forum for disseminating and enhancing theoretical, empirical and/or pragmatic research across the social sciences and related disciplines. It engages in critical discussions concerning gender, class, sexual preference, ethnicity and other macro or micro sites of political struggle. Other major topics of emphasis are Anthropology, Business and Management, Economics, Education, Environmental Sciences, European Studies, Geography, Government Policy, Law, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Social Welfare, Sociology, Statistics, Women's Studies. However, research in all social science fields is welcome.</p> <p>IJBSSSR is a unique journal in its provision of extra ordinary services like Quick and Professional Correspondence with authors, Fair and Comprehensive Articles’ Review, Extensive Indexing, Prompt Results of Reviews by our dedicated Reviewers and Editors, High Readership and Impact.</p> <p>The journal attracts the attention of not only researchers and academicians but also academic institutes, Managers, Consultants, Directors, Trainers, HR Managers, Line Managers, Performance Managers, Operations Managers, Finance Managers, Chief Executive Officers and above all the students in Business and Social Sciences Discipline.</p> <p>The aim of IJBSSSR is to promote the understanding of managers and organizations within and across nations. It is an interdisciplinary journal directed towards academics, policy makers and practitioners in business and non-profit organizations.</p> <p>The journal aims to provide a forum to widen and deepen discussion about all areas of Business and Social Sciences as well as being readable, accessible and easy to use.</p> The effect of CDS use on firm value of European Life and Property/Casualty Insurance Companies 2017-02-07T11:04:23+00:00 Leah Njuguna <p>Early in the 21<sup>st</sup> Century there was a rapid increase in the amount of credit default swaps (CDS). Even with this increase in CDS trading, there are mixed findings on the effect of CDS on financial stability. In this line, this study sought to examine the impacts of CDS utilization on the value of a firm. The study used a unique set of data from the Life and Property &amp;Casualty insurance companies in Eurozone Economic Countries on their CDS transactions between the year 2001 and 2009. A two-stage Heckman model was used in adjusting any potential endogeneity of CDS utilisation in connection with firm value. The researcher examined how CDS usage has an impact on the market value of a firm and its performance. Logit regression model was employed in data analysis. The researcher found that there is consistent evidence that use of CDS for the purposes of income generation is related with a lower firm value, both the Life and Property &amp; Casualty insurance companies</p> 2017-02-07T11:03:39+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Organizational Learning and Firm Performance: An Empirical investigation in an Emerging Economy Context 2017-03-05T08:08:28+00:00 Juliana Mulaa Namada <p>Organizational learning and firm performance have been investigated without consistent conclusions. This study sought to establish the relationship between organizational learning and performance in an emerging economy. It was premised on the increasing focus on learning from the past to improve the future business organizations. There was a paucity of empirical studies focusing on levels of learning and the balanced score card measures of performance. The study adopted a descriptive cross sectional survey. The findings from this investigation showed a positive and significant relationship between organizational learning and none financial measures of performance. However, there was no significant relationship with financial performance measures. Data were obtained from firms operating in Export Processing Zones firms in Kenya.</p><p><strong> </strong></p><p><strong>Key words: </strong>Dynamic Capabilities, Firm Performance, Organizational Learning, 4i Framework.</p><p><strong> </strong></p> 2017-03-05T07:58:01+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##