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We depend upon the experience and expertise of the authors, editors and learned societies, colleagues and vendors whom we work with. Our core product includes:

  1. Journals at the fore front of knowledge contributing to the disciplines and are delivered electronically and in print media.
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  3. Innovative teaching text for colleges and middle institutions.
  4. Professional books reflecting practical approaches to new perspectives and challenges.
  • International Journal of Business Social Science Studies and Research

    International Journal of Business and Social Sciences Studies and Research (IJBSSSR) is an internationally refereed scholarly journal published online on monthly basis. IJBSSSR is an open-access and double blind peer reviewed journal. This journal publishes theoretical, empirical and experimental papers that significantly contribute to the disciplines of Economics and Management Sciences. Using a wide range of research methods including statistical analysis, analytical work, case studies, field research, book reviews, literature surveys, historical analysis and articles examining significant research questions from a broad range of perspectives in Business and Social Sciences body of knowledge are encouraged to be sent to IJBSSSR.

    We welcome articles on every topic that is in any sense related to Business Administration, Social Sciences and its various facets. The journal emphasizes the publication of work that engages with issues of major public interest and concern across the world, and highlights the implications of that work for policy and professional practice. The areas for Business includes Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Database Management Systems, Management Information Systems, Accounting and Finance, Costing, Business Law, Supply Chain Management, Auditing and Total Quality Management. It particularly welcomes articles on all aspects of international developments that contribute to the improvement of social science knowledge and to the setting of a policy-focused European research agenda. Examples of typical subject areas covered include: Policy-Making and Agenda-Setting; Multilevel Governance; The Role of Institutions Democracy and Civil Society; Social Structures and Integration; Sustainability and Ecological Modernization; Science, Research, Technology and Society; Scenarios and Strategic Planning; and Public Policy Analysis. European Journal of Social Sciences is interdisciplinary bringing together articles from a textual, philosophical, and social scientific background, as well as from cultural studies. The journal provides a forum for disseminating and enhancing theoretical, empirical and/or pragmatic research across the social sciences and related disciplines. It engages in critical discussions concerning gender, class, sexual preference, ethnicity and other macro or micro sites of political struggle. Other major topics of emphasis are Anthropology, Business and Management, Economics, Education, Environmental Sciences, European Studies, Geography, Government Policy, Law, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Social Welfare, Sociology, Statistics, Women's Studies. However, research in all social science fields is welcome.

    IJBSSSR is a unique journal in its provision of extra ordinary services like Quick and Professional Correspondence with authors, Fair and Comprehensive Articles’ Review, Extensive Indexing, Prompt Results of Reviews by our dedicated Reviewers and Editors, High Readership and Impact.

    The journal attracts the attention of not only researchers and academicians but also academic institutes, Managers, Consultants, Directors, Trainers, HR Managers, Line Managers, Performance Managers, Operations Managers, Finance Managers, Chief Executive Officers and above all the students in Business and Social Sciences Discipline.

    The aim of IJBSSSR is to promote the understanding of managers and organizations within and across nations. It is an interdisciplinary journal directed towards academics, policy makers and practitioners in business and non-profit organizations.

    The journal aims to provide a forum to widen and deepen discussion about all areas of Business and Social Sciences as well as being readable, accessible and easy to use.

  • African Journal of Tourism Hospitality and Leisure Studies ISSN: 2413-4120

    African Journal of Tourism Hospitality and Leisure studies (AJTHLS) promotes and enhances research developments in the field of tourism and leisure studies. The journal provides a regional platform for debate and dissemination of research findings whilst also facilitating the discussion of new research areas and techniques. AJTHLS  continues to add a vibrant and exciting channel for those interested in tourism and hospitality research developments in Africa.

    The scope of the journal is regional and encompasses research into tourism aspects as well as the development of new research approaches. It continues to include high quality research papers in any area of tourism, including reviews of literature in the field and empirical papers on tourism issues.

    The journal welcomes submissions based upon both primary research and reviews including papers in areas that may not directly be tourism based but concern a topic that is of interest to researchers in the field of tourism, such as economics, marketing, sociology and statistics. All papers are subject to strict double blind peer review by the international research community.

  • African Journal of Education and Human Development ISSN: 2518-0304


    African Journal of Education and Human Development is a peer-reviewed international journal. The journal publishes research manuscripts in the fields of education and human development which would be of interest to African and International readership. The aim of the journal is to publish high quality manuscripts that are of international significance in terms of design and/or findings by encouraging the collaboration with international teams of researchers to create special issues on these topics. The journal strives to strengthen connections between research and practice, so enhancing professional development and improving practice within the field of education and human development. Papers accepted for publication are double-blind refereed to ensure academic integrity. The journal publishes quaterly and receives manuscripts throughout the year.

  • African Business and Management Research Journal ISSN: 2518-0312

    African business and management research journal (ABMRJ) provides a platform for research dialogue to advance our understanding of Business and management. It publishes articles that deal with the theory and practice of Business and management, especially those who contribute in the development of ideas that can influence the real-time business scenario. ABMRJ includes papers that are interdisciplinary in nature including management, marketing, finance, strategic management, accounting, operations management, total quality management, law, sociology, psychology, gender studies, Anthropology, Economics, Education, Environmental Sciences, European Studies, Geography, Government Policy, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Social Welfare, Statistics, Women's Studies and any other topic which is related to Business and Social Sciences.

    The goal of ABMRJ is to disseminate the latest thinking and research about business and social sciences across Africa and to provide an international audience a chance to gain knowledge on regional research. Preference is thus given to papers which adopt a local perspective or deal with local issues related to business and social sciences.

  • African Journal of Media and Communication Studies ISSN: 2518-0320

    African journal of media and communication studies (AJMCS) is an international journal of communication research that aims at building bridges between different research cultures and publishes high quality original articles in English language. Its content encompasses the broad range of communication disciplines, in particular the analysis of public communication, based on social scientific methods. It is a general platform for communication scholarship with special interest in interdisciplinary boundaries. 

    AJMCS publishes the best scholarship on all aspects of communication research. All theoretical approaches as well as methods of scholarly inquiry are welcome. Manuscripts are expected to make original contributions to academic research in communication studies. Manuscripts should address critical theoretical and empirical questions in the field of communication that are relevant to scholars within and across specializations. We are particularly interested in manuscripts that address key questions in specific areas of research and/or that connect analytical threads across subfields in communication studies. Submissions are expected to present arguments that are theoretically sophisticated, conceptually meaningful, and methodologically sound. Manuscripts must not have been published elsewhere or be currently under consideration for any other publication. Submissions that closely resembled previously published articles by the same author/s will be immediately rejected. Because manuscripts go through a double-blind review process, author identification must be removed from all pages except the title page, which is retained by the editor. Also, authors need to ensure that no digital versions of the manuscripts are available online to preserve complete anonymity.

    AJMCS publishes quarterly
  • Journal of Earth System Sciences and Global Change

    The journal is interdisciplinary and presents high-quality research - new data, ideas, and conceptual advances - in Earth System Science in its broadest sense. This includes the solid earth, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the biosphere; it also addresses related aspects of planetary and space sciences. Contributions pertainingglobal change are also welcome.
  • Current Issues in African Tourism Research ISSN: 2518-0363

    Current Issues in African Tourism research (CIATR) aims at highlighting Current issues in Afrian tourism research. The jounal promotes and enhances research developments in the field of tourism and leisure studies. The journal provides a regional platform for debate and dissemination of research findings whilst also facilitating the discussion of new research areas and techniques. CIATR  continues to add a vibrant and exciting channel for those interested in tourism and hospitality research developments in Africa.

    The scope of the journal is regional and encompasses research into tourism aspects as well as the development of new research approaches. It continues to include high quality research papers in any area of tourism, including reviews of literature in the field and empirical papers on tourism issues.

    The journal welcomes submissions based upon both primary research and reviews including papers in areas that may not directly be tourism based but concern a topic that is of interest to researchers in the field of tourism, such as economics, marketing, sociology and statistics. All papers are subject to strict double blind peer review by the international research community.

  • African Journal of Mathematics and Computing

    African journal of mathematics and computing (AJMC) provides a platform for bringing international mathematical and computing research in Africa. It opens to research articles in areas of mathematics and its applications to global authorship. AJMC also publishes commissioned surveys articles on topics of broad current interest in the mathematical community including more general topics such as history and philosophy of mathematics and mathematical education.  A carefully selection of articles is through a standard accepted peer review, drawing on the competence of specialised reviewers in the field. The Journal will from time to time publish special issues along side quarterly issues on particular topics or events including output from conferences or workshops organised under the Journal organization. 

  • African Journal of Marine and Coastal Research

    African journal of marine and coastal research (AJMCR) is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary journal that publishes integrative and substantive reviews in the field of marine and coastal research. The journal presents essential information to engineers/scientists working in the field of coastal and marine research. We welcome submission of original papers, reports and comprehensive reviews on areas of the subject but not limited to the following: Coastal research (studies of waves, currents, floods, dredging, coastal pollution, morphodynamics, habour and offshore structures, coastal development, coastal protection, coastal environments, e.t.c.); Marine research (studies on marine biology, marine organism and their environments, ecological surveys, taxonomy, morphology and life history of marine animals, marine biodiversity e.t.c.). Fundamental studies on analytical models, numerical computation, laboratory experiment, field measurements and case studies of real projects are welcome for publication.

  • Journal of African Ecology and Human Interactions

    Journal of African ecology and human interactions (JAEHI) Human ecology is an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary journal aimed ad advancing knowledge on the relationship between humans and their naturalsocial, and built environments. It follows the philosophy and study of human ecology which diffuse history with advancements in geographysociologypsychology,anthropologyzoologyepidemiologypublic healthhome economics, and natural ecology, among others. With rapid changing landscapes and ecology in general in Africa this journal is dedicated to understand these interactions and the outcome of such interactions. We welcome Contributions examine the roles of social, cultural, and psychological factors in the maintenance or disruption of ecosystems and investigate the effects of population density on health, social organization, and environmental quality. Articles also address adaptive problems in urban environments and the interrelationship between technological and environmental changes.

  • International Journal of sustainability research

    International journal of sustainability research (IJSR) Sustainability probes the interactions between global, social, and human systems, the complex mechanisms that lead to degradation of these systems, and resultant risks to human well-being. The journal provides a platform for building sustainability dialogue as a new academic discipline which can point the way to a sustainable global society by facing challenges that existing disciplines have not addressed. These include endeavors to simultaneously understand phenomena and solve problems, uncertainty and application of the precautionary principle, the co-evolution of knowledge and recognition of problems, and trade-offs between global and local problem solving. The journal encourages multidisciplinary contribution revolving around sustainability issues and critiques. The journal is a peer reviewed published quarterly. The journal promotes science-based predictions and impact assessments of global change, and seeks ways to ensure that these can be understood and accepted by society. Sustainability Science creates a transdisciplinary academic structure and discovery process that fuses the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities

  • International Journal of African history research

    International journal of African history research (IJAHR) publishes articles and book reviews ranging widely over the African past, from ancient times to the present. Historical approaches to all time periods are welcome. The thematic range is equally broad, covering social, economic, political, cultural, and intellectual history. Recent articles have explored diverse themes including: labour and class, gender and sexuality, health and medicine, ethnicity and race, migration and diaspora, nationalism and state politics, religion and ritual, and technology and the environment.

  • International Journal of Political and Economic Research in Africa

    International journal of political and economic research in Africa (IJPERA) is a peer reviewed quarterly journal that aims at carrying out a rigorous economic analysis, focused entirely on Africa. It aims at disseminating critical knowledge to consultants, policymakers, academics, traders, financiers, development agents or aid workers. It examines the relationship political regimes and economic paradigm across the continent. 

  • African Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences Research ISSN: 2518-0355

    African Health Sciences is an internationally refereed journal publishing original articles on research, clinical practice, public health policy, planning, implementation and evaluation, in the health and related sciences relevant to Africa and the tropics. The journal welcomes contributions in all aspects of human health especially on critical medical issues in Africa. The journal will also be publishing special issues on current issues especially on topics within the scope of tropical diseases, tradition medicine, herbal medicine e.t.c. The journal will has four volumes each year with the first issue being opened beginning  1st January 2015.





  • African Economic and Development Journal

    African economic and development journal (AEDJ)  is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of socio-economic development. The journal welcomes multi industry economic analysis including: agriculture, trade, services, rural economies, tourism development, oil trade etc. The objective of this journal is to provide a viable platform for scientists and researchers across Africa to promote, share, and discuss a variety of innovative ideas and developments in all aspects of economics and development.

  • African Economic Review Journal

    African economic review (AER) is intended as a primary publication for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of economics with a focus of Africa. The purpose of the journal is to select articles that will have high relevance and impact in a wide range of topics. All work submitted to the journal should be original in motivation or modeling and be capable of replication. The editors aim to hand down editorial decision in a timely manner. The average turnaround time to first decision is about 90 days. To avoid unnecessary delays, a paper may be returned to the author before full review if the editors determine that it is not suitable for the journal. This decision is made in the interest of the author to avoid loss of valuable time. All materials required for replication (including computer programs and data sets) should be provided by the authors (see data policy link). The journal publishes 4 volumes in a year. 

  • African Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies

    African journal of peace and conflict studies (AJPCS) is a peer reviewed academic journal that strives for regional focus on conflict and peacemaking. It publishes scholarly article and book reviews in the field of peace and conflict studies, conflict resolution and international security. It aims at providing collective coverage of separate disciplines. This approach stems from the ethos that in order to understand conflict and aggression it is necessary to understand peace and conflict resolution and visa versa. AJPCS publishes a broad range of original articles and review papers on all aspects of aggression, conflict and peace. It is aimed at both academic and practictice development with a clear remit of translating research findings and policy into implementations for practice. AJPCS provides a multidisciplinary scope, encompassing topics such as physical and sexual aggression, from individual violence to mass aggression, including genocide and terrorism. It also investigates the dynamics and evolution of conflict and resolutions and explores peace research.

  • International Journal of African literature and cultural studies

    International journal of African literature and cultural studies (IJALCS) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and comparative and critical essays focused on African literature, including oral, precolonial, and postcolonial works. We invite submission of essays, reviews, and review-essays that reflect the range of primary materials, critical methodologies, and the many contending and complementary movements in African and African diaspora literatures and cultures. The journal is published quarterly. From time to time the Editor may welcome submission to special issue publishing articles from workshops and conferences organised by the Journal editorial team. 

  • African Journal of Climate Change and Global Governance

    This journal considers the challenges to global social policy posed by climate change. Papers on Impacts, vulnerability of social economic, environmental and human systems are also considered.  Responses to climate change are also considered. It further seeks to explore social policies and global climate change policies and surveys the global governance of each. It attempts to track recent global policies in recent years by distinguishing the policies and practices in global arena and structures of global governance and the role of significant global actors. Relationship between policies, practices and governance structures in particular the potential conflicts between the pursuit of social justice and environmental sustainability. The journal publishes 4 issues annually. 

  • African Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

    African journal of microbiology and bio technology is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning microbiology, biotechnology, biomedicine and related academic disciplines. It is international English published quarterly and covers all scientific and technological aspects of microbiology in general, physiology and metabolism, environmental microbiology, molecular microbiology, enzymology and enzyme engineering, fermentation technology, plant and animal cell cultures, bioprocess engineering, biomedical sciences and other related field. 

  • African Journalof Agriculture and Environment ISSN: 2518-0347

    The Journal of Agriculture and Environment is devoted to the cause of advancing knowledge in various aspects of Agriculture, Farming Systems and Environment through literature review, theoretical analysis, research and practical experiences. Besides research and review papers, case studies, methodological approach, book reviews, reports on seminars and meetings, short communications and letters to the editors are accepted. The journal publishes 4 issues annually. 

  • African Journal of Engineering, IT and Telecommunication Research ISSN: 2518-0339

    African Journal of Engineering, IT and Telecommunication Research is designed to assist academics, scholars, and teachers in universities and other institutions of further education. It provides suitable, contemporary case materials for teaching topics in the organisation and management of information systems and on the social consequences of information technology. Case coverage will have a technology and information systems core but the Journal's content will reflect the widespread organizational and societal usage of information and communications technologies. All submissions are peer reviewed to ensure high quality of research output.  

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